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So my company’s stock is below $5. The worldwide markets are panicking. I feel like throwing up. I’m scared about one of us losing our jobs. HR and Finance have been having meetings. Does that mean adjustments to our benefits? More than likely. I should follow the Dooce rule of not blogging about work, so here I’ll stop on that sort of detail. Anyway, I’m nervous. I’m angry. I’m not hopeful about politics. It should have been Hilary. Obama is alright, I suppose, because his platform is really close to my opinions. But….I don’t have the same excitement for him. He seems like maybe a lot of hype. I don’t know how much change he’ll be able to exert. At least he will be trying to change things in the direction I want, which can’t hurt. Hopefully.
Gloom doom gloom doom.
I want to think it will get better. That we are the great US of A. We can’t possibly fail. But countries much younger than ours have failed. And yes, the ever referenced Rome failed as well. You know why? Primarily it was due to the disparity between the rich and the poor. Yes, Rome had some sackings. But lacked the resilience to overcome its attacks because the poor plebes and aristocrats were so far removed both socially and economically. Then I consider my peers, our middle class, and in comparison the golden parachutes and million dollar salaries of CEOs and other wall street crooks.

Anything is possible.

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