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I love summer! The weather has been great. I’ve been getting lots of outside time. One of my favorite things for the last few days is our bbq grill! I have been having a break from dinner-prep since we got our grill up and running again. Dustin has taken it upon himself to prepare most of our meals over the grill. Steak, ribs, even simple hot dogs. All taste so good, all are so simple, and all require minimal prep/work from me! I help clean the dishes and with some side dish prep, but Dustin is really stepping up on the cooking. I’m loving it! I love this primal meat grilling drive he seems to have. I thoroughly enjoy not having to worry about our dinners every night. *big sigh of relief*

This is the life. ;o)

In other news, Saturday is my and Dustin’s 10th wedding anniversary! I can’t even believe it. Wow. What a long time to be with the guy. I think this officially makes being with him more than 1/3 of my life. Yikes! I feel very happy and grateful that we’ve been able to keep it going despite the odds of getting married so young, through college, the hard times and the good. We have a 2-night cycling/camping trip scheduled this weekend on Lopez Island. We’ll be carting our camping gear on our bikes and taking the whole weekend to relax, explore, and know. I can’t wait! The weather should be great. I love that we have such a fun and healthy mutual hobby now. This is the first one that’s really “stuck” for us. Video games, restaurants, hiking, snowboarding….nothing else has clicked as much as the cycling bug for us. So… Yay! 🙂

I have lots of pics to post from the 4th of July and other romps. Hopefully I can do that tonight. Meadow loved the fireworks. The view from my work’s deck of Lake Union was incredible! She started preschool on Monday. I think she will like it, but we had a conversation yesterday that made me feel a little sad for her. She told me she wanted to be a baby again, and that she misses her old class. She was quite serious when she told this to me, so we had a nice discussion about how wonderful it is to be 3, and each year brings more wonderful things for her. I think it made her feel better. Still, I can tell the transition is a little stressful for her. But I think she’ll do just fine.

Concentration is not my friend today. It’s beautiful outside. It’s Friday. My workload is under control at work. I was grooving out to some Erykah Badu and Rusted Root on my drive to work, over Lake Washington’s beautiful blue waters! Ahhh…. nice day. I’m looking forward to a Friday Party at work on the deck, and some of my dearest friends’ company later this evening.

I’m so happy it’s finally SUMMER!!!!

Yesterday ended up being a good day. I met a friend for a sunny outdoor happy hour, met some other friends for a few more libations, and finished the night with some rousing renditions on Rock Band. Today promises to be even better (though tired and a little hungover). Meadow had soccer this morning, and she was amazing. So cute! I had a good visit with some of the other moms, too. The weather is beautiful. I have time today to start my garden. We have plans for a nice birthday meal this evening. Somehow this weekend, I hope to fit in a bike ride. Feeling tired, but mostly optimistic. So far, so good!

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