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Breastmilk is best. There is no argument. If you can breastfeed your baby, for godsake, DO SO.

They just found melamine in baby formula in the USA. You know, melamine. The stuff that’s been KILLING babies in China because it was in formula.

God gave you tits to feed your babies with. Other “usage,” if you will, is strictly a bonus.

Without a mother’s medical need, which I admit can be an issue, how can you risk it? Why wouldn’t you give your baby the best chance of health and nourishment that comes in nature’s most convenient ‘bottle’?

I guess this is another one for the “i don’t understand human kind” file. Why on earth would someone eschew breast milk in favor of chemicals that carry health risk and lack the value, nutrition and convenience of the breast? It just doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes I just want to cry. What is wrong with people? Why are humans as a species anomalous to any other animal by being able to kill for spite and malevolence?

The story of the Southcenter shooting really saddened me. Meadow and I were at that mall entrance just a month ago. A teenage kid was killed and one injured last weekend. Why? According to the Seattle Times, it started because “three friends began throwing gang signs at two rivals during an encounter at the mall.” That escalated into a fight, then a shooting.


Gang signs?

These people give a shit about stupid contortions of fingers?

I know it’s symbolic and disrespectful and whatever other socio-economic issues play a role in gang activity, but come on. How is it worth somebody’s life? How is it worth the person doing the shooting going to jail for years? Does he think that living with blood on his hands for the rest of his days, not to mention the legal repercussions were worth it? Did he satisfactorily get his point across?

Further to the point, what is wrong with us?! Why and how do small slights against ego tally up to equal crimes like road rage, physical violence and murder? Is violent response some type of anthropological survival of the species reaction? Are we programed to react this way to protect The Self?

I don’t know how to reconcile the sad fact that humans are disgusting violent creatures. We can be so much better than that. Why is it possible for this type of behavior to occur? Why aren’t we all on the same side?

Yes, I know. Silly questions that people have been asking for millennia. Yadda yadda, Israel/Palestine Conflict, Holocaust, Slavery…

Humankind is sick.

Anyway, here is the article that got me going. It’s enough to make me want to secede from the human race and become a cat…or maybe a dolphin. Definitely not a polar bear…I don’t want to go extinct. Hmmm, I’m not sure. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Today, my coworker told me about the story I will link in this post. I went and found it on, and tears flooded my eyes. Seriously, don’t click on the link if you are hormonal, sensitive, or don’t want to squirm. Nobody dies, but it makes me want to reconsider the idea of having another baby, and wishing there was a bubble I could place Meadow in to keep her safe, forever. Still, I thought this article was worth reposting because it shows the strength of a little girl, and reinforces the belief of kindness in strangers. For me, it also makes me remember that while we can’t protect them from everything, we need to appreciate every single moment and do what we can as parents to pursue safety.


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