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In a beautiful act of continuity, I read Lord of the Flies last week. How ironic that it so matched the timbre of my posts of last week, regarding the innate evil nature of humans. This book, though a classic for many, slipped from my notice for all these years. It was required reading in school, but for some reason I missed the class that required it. Maybe it’s because I was in Running Start at the time and missed the high school requirement, if it was read in Junior or Senior years. At any rate, I thought it was about time for me to read this novel that I had heard much to-do about. Plus, it’s one of the books on the 100 most often challenged books, which is a list I hope to read through in entirety someday.

At any rate – wow! The book reads smoothly and easily. I probably could have tackled¬†¬†¬† it when I was 10. However, I bet I would have missed out on all the beautifully disturbing allegory in the story. I love the foreshadowing, and the representations of human nature vs. logic, etc. It was a delicious and sad read, and I’m glad I got it under my belt, finally.

It makes me remember that my difficulty in resolving the question of “what the hell is wrong with our species” is not mine alone, and is a topic of philosophical thought throughout history. I guess that means there is no answer or reason. But it sure makes for great literature!

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