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I’ve been vanpooling lately, and it’s great. This morning reminded me of my life without a car, in college. I stood waiting at the park in ride, coffee in hand. The weather was cool and brisk, but thankfully dry. Headlights on cars whizzed by as I waited. The odor of cigarettes weren’t putrid, but rather made me think of old college days before everyone I knew quit smoking. Coffee and cigarette smells = winter commute.

I took the opportunity to ride in again this lovely Monday morning. It was such a beautiful commute; I am so thankful the sun has finally started to grace us on this last week pre-solstice. I was treated to views of the sun glinting across Lake Washington, and peeking through the canopy of trees that encompasses much of the Burke-Gilman trail. Lovely. I really ought to bring my camera one of these days.

It still took my 40 minutes from MBch. I thought I was steppin on it, too. Oh well. It’s a Monday.

Here is the perilous part: packing the night before.

Last night I filled Dustin’s pannier with a change of clothes and shower accouterments. Therein lies the problem.

I got to work, grabbed my towel from upstairs, and hit the showers. Upon dressing, I realized that I had forgotten socks (no big deal, I’m barefootin’ in my Pumas today). I also realized that my shirt is WAY to skimpy for work! I had packed a tank top knowing today would be nice. The shirt that is okay for bbqs and weekends does NOT comfortably lend itself as work wear, which I discovered much too late. The bra I brought also makes me much too busty with the shirt. YIkes! Thankfully, I also brought a hoodie so I can cover up, but now I will either be too warm today or look too trampy. I’m not sure which is worse!

Ah, such are the perilous risks of digging through ones wardrobe at 10:30pm trying to foresee the next days needs AND attempting to stuff everything into one sidesaddle bike-bag.


Oh well, I am definitely looking forward to the ride home, in my low slung tank top. It’s always fun watching the male bikers coming from the other direction almost lose their balance.


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