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I have stumbled upon consumer culture paradise!

It’s true. I found the shopping mecca of the world, and I want to worship at the alter of all its registers!

I went to a birthday party in U-Village last night. It was at the ceramic painting studio, and was so much fun! To get there, I actually parked in the middle of U-Village and had to walk through some of the hallways. It is so beautiful!!!

I’ve been to U-village a couple times in the last 5 years. Both times, to restaurants on the outside of the actual “village” so to speak. I didn’t realize that they had so many wonderful boutiques and shops and an oasis in the middle with trees and tables and pretty shiny lights! My eyes are glazing over with the memory.

I could only window shop, but still managed to drool over the fancy maternity shop, gigantic Gap, ever fun Fireworks, other neat shops with cute shoes and fancy clothes, cafes, play area, and the piece de resistance: H&M!!!

Oh man.

I probably can’t afford half the stuff there. Maybe more than half. (except for H&M. Swoon.) That doesn’t stop my rush of a fantasy shopping spree! I want to go back and just *touch* all the wonderful goodies for sale. I’m drooling at the thought.

Maybe I should get a part time job at one of the shops for the holidays, just for the discount! Just to be in retail heaven!

I will…I must go back! I’m so glad I discovered this place before I do my Christmas shopping!

Excuse me as I go pass out from my consumerist capitalist retail-therapy driven high.

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