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Friday night started with a date to the United Indians of All-Tribes Powwow at Discovery Park with Meadow. I haven’t gone to this powwow since I was in high school, and I think it’s gotten bigger (at least than I remember). It was a gorgeous evening, and Meadow was excited to see the dancers and hear the drumming. I couldn’t believe it, but Christine Gregoire was there, and gave a little speech before the festivities began. The mc’s honored her and wrapped her in a blanket, representative of welcoming her into the ‘circle.’ Jim McDermott was there, too, as were a couple state reps. They all gave little speeches. I thought this was so cool! What great PR for them, too, to be “down with the Indians.”

The dancing started but Meadow started saying she was hungry and thirsty, which was fine with me because I really wanted to get some frybread. They had run out of frybread at the last powwow we went to, and I didn’t want that to happen again! Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to think so, too. We were in line for a loooong time. We unfortunately missed all the tiny tot dances (there were sooo many cute little kids in regalia – too adorable!) and some other dances too, due to the stupid long line. We were able to catch the end of the powwow though, at least! Meadow did great, even though she ended up staying up way too late!

Saturday was just busy. Cleaning and shopping to prep for our bbq on Sunday.

Sunday was nuts busy. It started with a nice bike ride with two of my amazing friends, then back home to finish prepping for the bbq. We finally hosted our housewarming + anniversary party. It was crazy chaos, but fun! I only wish I had had more time to visit with people more thoroughly. Well, now that our place feels pretty put together, I hope to invite guests over more often! I have only a few pictures of the kids on the slip n slide, and I’ll post those soon.

All in all, a great weekend…but it should have been longer! I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open at work!

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