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Celebrated Dustin’s birthday all weekend…good times! Saw Uncle Roy visiting from Alaska…good times! Saw Dustin’s grandma Mona for her 89th birthday…good times! Meadow attended a birthday party and we inserted other forms of business and fun throughout the weekend. I wish we still had another day to play about, but the weather today makes Monday a bit less harsh. I’m looking forward to some good outdoor time with Meadow when I pick her up. I need a park bench with which to soak up as much sun as possible before the rains return. Ahhh! Joy.

Car at the shop. Quote is for $3300.00. Ugh. Seriously? What to do…what to do…

The three day weekend was sooo needed. Helped me decompress from the shitty week I had last week. Today my boss talked to me. She said everything I needed her to say in order to feel better about the ‘situation.’ So that’s good, at least.

Meadow and I had a fun play date yesterday and 3 of her friends came over and our neighbor’s kid played all afternoon. That was cute.

I’m dreaming of a vacation and winning the lottery. But hey, who isn’t.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Some really cool optimistic and pragmatic guy took some kind of oath in front of a bunch of people today. We got to watch it in the Big Room at work on projection screens. I thought that was pretty rad. I think this guy has some pretty neato ideas and stuff.

/end understatement mode.

My friend had a baby this weekend! It sounds like it took her all weekend to have him, and I don’t know any of the details other than his name is Dylan, and he is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to meet him!

In other news, a different friend will be getting an ultrasound today to make sure baby is healthy and hopefully, if it’s a boy or girl!!! Such excitement!

Our weekend was packed and fun! We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We started Saturday morning with ballet class. It was their special Halloween class, and Meadow was allowed to wear her costume and bring a friend! We were happy that her cousin Bella was able to make the drive from Maple Valley to attend the class. They had so much fun! Meadow really loves her cousin. It was cute watching them dance around, as a cheerleader and bumble bee.

After the class we came home and just tooled around for a bit. Dust went and got some snowboarding equipment at heavily discounted prices (yay) then I went out to birthday shop at Mill Creek Town Center. Fun! I went to one of my favorite “gifty” shops, Belle Province. They always have such nice stuff in there. Lots of frou-frou items, but I can always find something really nice there.

After finding my gift, I met up with a friend and we had a nice chit-chat. I always feel lighter after talking with her; her energy is so positive!

I ran home as fast as I could to pick up Dust and Meadow to head over to my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner. It was delicious, but my portion was ridiculously small. I ordered butternut squash gnocchi. I think i got maybe 1/2 cup of food on my plate, for $17. Seriously. Quality only covers quantity by so much, ya know? I munched of my B-I-L’s pizza and Meadow’s spaghetti and was fine, though.

My parents had agreed to watch Meadow that night, so we went over to Woodinville/Bothell to drop her off. The plan originally was to go to the Haunted Trails at Bastyr, or mabye even the KUBE haunted house. We’re so lame, though. We were exhausted so we just swung by Blockbuster, got a few scary movies and a bad comedy, and headed home. We watched parts of the first two horror movies but they were too awful, then struggled through the pathetic and badly acted Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Party on.

Sunday morning came, and found Dustin ill. He had to stay at home while I picked up Meadow and took her to her friend Paige’s Halloween party. It was so cute! There were about 12 cutie pies all dressed up in Halloween, doing fun activities like bobbing for apples, bean bag toss, and pumpkin plate decorating. Joanna, Paige’s mom, always has really great parties for the kiddos.

We headed home after the party and brought Dustin some soup. We had plans to go to the South 47 farm to get our pumpkins/do the corn maze with my folks. Unfortunately, we had originally planned to go last Saturday, but rescheduled for this weekend because my Dad was sick. Now, Dustin was sick and he couldn’t go! It would have been better for him to go with Me and Meadow, but we already rescheduled and Halloween is on Friday, so we went anyway. Dustin tried to rally, but just couldn’t make it. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. Meadow was tired for the corn maze and it took a lot of prodding and pretending to be horses to get her through it. All their pumpkins were woefully picked over, too. They were either green or had rotting gaping holes. Ew.

We managed to find one that was passable, deciding to get the other 2 pumpkins we want from Safeway. Maybe Dustin can help select them, after all!

We finished the outing with a visit to Theno’s Dairy nee Vivian’s Pride Ice Cream. Meadow chose the nastiest blue concoction that tasted like Fruit Loops on steroids. Yuk! I had awesome blackberry ice cream (yum-o) and my folks both had pumpkin. My lovely mom bought us a half-gallon of pumpkin to take home so Dustin could have some, too.

Despite Dustin being sick and my trying to ward off the ickies (I had a low grade fever all day…still do), we had a pretty good weekend! I feel like one more day would just about do it, though. :o)

Just another day where my mind is wandering, rather than focusing on the work I have at my desk. Thankfully, I’ve been pretty slow these last couple weeks at work, and I am trying to enjoy it. I know that things will blow up toward the end of the year. I need to enjoy my slack right now. The trouble is, it makes the days just…tick…by….. whew!

The weekend was good, and we missed our Meadow. We felt like old people, doing nothing of too much excitement. I went to a good friend’s baby shower, which was actually immensely enjoyable. We preceded the shower with pedicures and coffee, which was quite a treat! At the shower, aside from enjoying the lovely party her mom put on, I gleaned two pieces of interesting gossip.

First, the funny. Our 10th High School reunion was last week. My friend and I kept going back and forth on if we should attend or not, and we decided on the latter. And thank goodness. Apparently, it was ridiculously overpriced, they had NO food, overpriced drinks, and overly drunk alumni that stole whiskey and got into fights. Needless to say, the Lynnwood Police came to shut down the party at 11:30pm. The bar was already closed by the hotel staff at 9pm for “punishment” of bad behavior. Gee, really wish I could have made it…. 😛

Second, the sad. I learned that a former classmate of mine, my same age, is battling aggressive cancer. It sounds like she might not be winning. Although I wasn’t a very close friend of hers in school, we would always exchange smiles. I always thought of her as one of the kindest, sweetest people I knew. I wish her the best, and buko strength to see her through this.

The remainder of the weekend was filled with dining, cleaning, gardening, and resting.

And lots of huggles, wrestles, and tickles when Miss M came home. 🙂

Meadow is taking her first vacation without us this weekend. She’ll be going to the International Kite Festival with my parents, out at the coast. Originally, Dustin and I were to come along. Instead, I am going to a good friend’s baby shower and getting a pedicure with her, which will be fun in its own right. As a result, Dustin and I have the weekend together child-free!

I’m excited at the prospect, but I already miss the little punkin terribly.

I hope to have a lot of fun this weekend, and I know she will!

I hope to have fun, but I also hope to spend  a lot of time cleaning and resting. Our house is cluttery and needs a good swabbing down. I never have time or energy. Which brings me to my second issue – energy. I feel like my fatigue has worsened over the last 6 months, especially in the evenings. I can’t even keep my eyes open and my body feels like dead flesh. (Nice, huh?) I feel really frustrated lately because it’s all I can do to manage dinner and parent duties (play, bedtime, etc) when I get home from work. Then, I am so wiped all I can manage is to flop on the couch. Ironically, I can’t go to bed right away. It’s like this need for “me time” which, due to lack of energy reserves, typically involves a glass of wine and tv. Then when I do go to bed, I want to read at least a chapter of whatever book I’m plodding through (right now it’s Freakonomics – love it!). So despite all my exhaustion, I make it worse by not following my bed time.

I wish I could do more. If I was to stay up late, I wish I could do something more productive and more altruistic then couch potato-ing. I really am missing my music lately. I really want to start playing again after this summer hiatus. I want to work on my piano again because I have gotten so rusty. I would love to play in Eastside Symphony this fall season (they’re playing An American in Paris, among others), but I don’t think I can manage. Not while I’m working full time. I did it last year, and it was hard. If I continue how I feel of late, it will be impossible.

This is the first time other than during an episode of optic neuritis that I actually feel disabled.

Hopefully it is a passing worsening of symptoms. Hopefully I can improve my schedule and discipline a bit to help with that. But i have experimented, and even if I go to bed “early,” I still hit a wall at around 3pm. Maybe I should get my provigil prescription filled. It’s anti-narcolepsy medicine; they’ve found it helps in MS related fatigue.

This doesn’t even address my cognitive issues, mostly short term memory and speech, that I have noticed worsen of late.

At any rate, this is frustrating, and feeds into many of my negative thoughts. My therapist said to cut myself some slack since I AM doing so much with a debilitating disease. But I have always fought against using MS as an excuse to not be good enough. So now I need to convince myself that this *IS* good enough, and that’s going to take some effort.

No wonder I’m fighting depression. Meh.

This turned into a rant, but I had to get it out.

Friday night started with a date to the United Indians of All-Tribes Powwow at Discovery Park with Meadow. I haven’t gone to this powwow since I was in high school, and I think it’s gotten bigger (at least than I remember). It was a gorgeous evening, and Meadow was excited to see the dancers and hear the drumming. I couldn’t believe it, but Christine Gregoire was there, and gave a little speech before the festivities began. The mc’s honored her and wrapped her in a blanket, representative of welcoming her into the ‘circle.’ Jim McDermott was there, too, as were a couple state reps. They all gave little speeches. I thought this was so cool! What great PR for them, too, to be “down with the Indians.”

The dancing started but Meadow started saying she was hungry and thirsty, which was fine with me because I really wanted to get some frybread. They had run out of frybread at the last powwow we went to, and I didn’t want that to happen again! Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to think so, too. We were in line for a loooong time. We unfortunately missed all the tiny tot dances (there were sooo many cute little kids in regalia – too adorable!) and some other dances too, due to the stupid long line. We were able to catch the end of the powwow though, at least! Meadow did great, even though she ended up staying up way too late!

Saturday was just busy. Cleaning and shopping to prep for our bbq on Sunday.

Sunday was nuts busy. It started with a nice bike ride with two of my amazing friends, then back home to finish prepping for the bbq. We finally hosted our housewarming + anniversary party. It was crazy chaos, but fun! I only wish I had had more time to visit with people more thoroughly. Well, now that our place feels pretty put together, I hope to invite guests over more often! I have only a few pictures of the kids on the slip n slide, and I’ll post those soon.

All in all, a great weekend…but it should have been longer! I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open at work!

Went camping this weekend with Kristen, Justin & Connor. It was just me and Meadow (and our dog, Jasper), since Dustin was departing on his week long stinky boy fishing extravaganza that Sunday. This was the first time I have gone camping without Dustin since we became a “hot ticket.” It was weird! I missed him being there, more than I had anticipated. We still had so much fun, though! Meadow loves camping. The Tens (and Connor) are great to camp with. Justin took it upon himself to do the cooking, and we were all rewarded with his gastronomical treats. We made several excursions to the beach, uprooting hermit crabs and the other little small crabs. We saw a big starfish, too! The kids had fun climbing on driftwood and playing in the sand. Our weather was great! It only rained once, but we barely felt it, as our site was under many thick evergreen branches. Yay!

Cute Meadow moment #1: While playing hide and seek and kickball with Connor and Kristen, Meadow turned to me. With an enormous grin on her face, she came running up to me, arms outstreched. She grabbed my legs in a tackle hug and stated “I love you!”, glowing face looking up at me. She was having the time of her life. I could see the happiness radiating from her little body!

Cute Meadow moment #2: We were around the campfire, telling ‘scary’ stories befitting young children. We started the finish the story game, where each person would say a little of the story and the next person would take it from there, etc. We started in on chipmunks, as the story’s protagonist, if you will. When it came to be Meadow’s turn, she said in deadpan “it was dead.” That sent us all into hysterics. That was a pretty scary turn of the story, that’s for sure! ;o) Maybe you had to be there.

After KJ&C left on Sunday, I hung around while Meadow took her nap in her little pink tent (she had stayed up until 10:30 the night before!). I had packed up the site and was reading a book. Very peaceful. We finally left the campsite and drove to Bellingham. It was a beautiful day. We cruised through downtown, and I decided to take us to Boulevard Park. This is an awesome park right on Bellingham Bay. People were flying kites, sunbathing, frisbee tossing, and all manner of fun sun stuff. Meadow and I headed to the playground. She ran around and I laid in the sun with Jasper. Ahhh….so relaxing!

It got late, so we decided to find dinner. I wasn’t sure what to do with Jasper because I couldn’t just leave him in a hot car. We ended up getting sushi near campus, parked in the shade with his window rolled down. Worked great. On the way up to camping, we stopped by the Lakeview Fred Meyer, went through Cruisin Coffee, and drove past Grady Financial (my old job where my boss was psycho bitch from hell. Absolutely NO exaggeration.) I enjoyed seeing the for lease sign on the window. Meh.

Man, I sure miss Bellingham. Now I have two hams I miss – Dillingham and Bellingham. It was nice to have the excuse to poke around the town.

Anyhow, I took some pictures and will post them when I can!

This weekend was fun and busy. I was solo parenting, as Dustin went on a camping kayak trip (lucky!) with his dad and brother. (sideline – they had a great time!).

Meadow and I had a busy Saturday! Really, it was non-stop. I usually try not to overbook, and always leave room for a nap. Not this time! We bravely accepted invitations to three events, turned down one, and thankfully Meadow didn’t want to go to her soccer class in the morning. I feel guilty for letting her skip out, having washed her uniform the night before and already having paid for the class. However, knowing that the rest of our day was going to be so busy and my dealing with a cold, I felt that missing this extra activity that Meadow isn’t thrilled about anyway was okay to do.

Our first activity was a Mary Kay party! I had never gone to one and when my coworker invited me, I thought, “why not?” I usually avoid these sale parties like the plague, but I was in need (need? yea right) of some new makeup and looked forward to the promise of playing with new products with some nice ladies from work. The hostess of the party was very thoughtful and provided Meadow and another 5-year old girl with puzzles, stickers, lip gloss, and played with them while the mommies got all made up. Meadow was so well-behaved, I felt very proud. Several times she came to me and asked to sit on my lap. I let her, and she listened to the Mary Kay lady’s spiel with the rest of us, and curiously looked around at all the makeup. That’s my girlie-girl!

It came time to leave, so I placed my order for some eyeliner (amethyst! fun!) and lipstick and we left to our next planned event.

We headed to Parkwood Elementary for my friend’s daughter’s end of school year celebration. We got there in time to see her third grade class doing their performance (but just missed the potlatch and the FREE SALMON. Doh!). I guess that throughout the entire school year they studied Northwest Coast Indians and their culture. They did stories, art projects, role playing, and even carved a real totem pole! Each of the students took turns at the microphone for a little speech. Sequoia did a great job! After that, we walked to the garden area where the Haida man that helped them carve the totem pole talked and talked (I think this guy could have rambled for hours) for the dedication of the pole. It really is neat they did this project. The kids used real woodcarving implements and hewed a tree with bark to a real totem pole. What a great sense of accomplishment for them!

Now it was time to go to our next event. At this time, Meadow’s eyes wanted to close while riding in the car seat. It was nap time. But, onward! We had her friend from school’s birthday party to attend! We drove to Denny Park where the outdoor party took place. It was so cold this June Saturday that I could literally see my breath. Did I mention I had a cold? We all stood around outside and listened to a neat story teller, did cake, pizza, and running around. Finally, we could leave! Brr!

Now, off to my parents house, hair trigger temper girl in tow. Meadow was exhausted at this time, but mostly doing great. I could tell she was dangerously past nap time by her enormous dramatic response to anything that frustrated her. She would settle back down pretty easily though. (Thanks for babysitting, mom & dad!).

Now up to Lynnwood for Sex and the City! I met a couple of girlfriends and enjoyed a couple girly cocktails before the movie. It was so great! I loved it! It was so nice to live in the world of Carrie Bradshaw for more than two hours. I have to say my two complaints – Samantha’s wardrobe. Ew! It’s not the 80s! And Charlotte seemed too animated and cartooney. But still great. Wonderful. LOVED IT!

Sunday was a bit more dull, but great. I was able to sleep in for the first time in months (and I needed it after being sick all week). I then had time to clean the house (as in mop, dust, vacuum – things I seldom have time to do thoroughly) and weed my garden. Yay!

All in all, busy, but good. Now, Monday, and the opportunity for the cycle to begin again.

Yesterday ended up being a good day. I met a friend for a sunny outdoor happy hour, met some other friends for a few more libations, and finished the night with some rousing renditions on Rock Band. Today promises to be even better (though tired and a little hungover). Meadow had soccer this morning, and she was amazing. So cute! I had a good visit with some of the other moms, too. The weather is beautiful. I have time today to start my garden. We have plans for a nice birthday meal this evening. Somehow this weekend, I hope to fit in a bike ride. Feeling tired, but mostly optimistic. So far, so good!

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