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Bush must be trying to end his presidency with a bang, namely by screwing everything up.

We all know the religious right is against abortion and against the decision rendered in Roe v. Wade. I am pro-choice. I can understand their argument from a philosophical level, but don’t agree with outlawing the procedure. That would be idiocy. I don’t think I could have an abortion; but I respect the women who have needed to, and I defend their right to choose to do so. Vehemently.

Now Bush is drafting a regulation that would define birth control pills and the IUD as abortion.

I’m not kidding.

It sounds like a joke, right? I can’t even really wrap my head around it. How does the potential restriction of these methods of contraception? Do they realize this could be counterproductive even to the anti-choice platform, by potentially creating more unwanted babies? If passed, this regulation could seriously limit the access and insurance coverage of these methods of birth control.

And of course, we all know about abstinence education. It totally works. *snort*

I know the Catholic stance on birth control – that any birth control is devilish. Every sperm is sacred, remember? But Rome doesn’t legislate in the USA, and millions of Catholics DO use birth control.

Would this classification make them feel too guilty to continue using birth control? Once their form of birth control is labeled as ABORTION, will they quit using it? How many more unwanted pregnancies do we need in this country?

Not to mention the fact that along with this reg, they better decide to better fund welfare programs to help support the millions of extra children this has the potential to create.

I don’t even know what else to say. My mind is just sputtering at this point.

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal article. Read it, make your own decisions. I bet you’ll be angry.

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