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Sew…I enjoy blogging and have been an intermittent blogger since 1999. I started with livejournal, signed up for Blogger (and never got going), and was posting fairly regularly on myspace. The company I work for has blocked my access to myspace, so I have been unable to access it from work for over a month. As you can imagine, I won’t waste my own time off work blogging, generally speaking. I find that my urge to blog arises when I am bored at work and the thoughts bouncing around in my head need an outlet.

My friend Lindsay has started a new blog ( and it inspired me to *gasp* branch out of the myspace world to continue my blog dabbling.

I’m a little excited to have a blog that easily links with my flickr site, is accessible from work, and allows a lot of options for personalization. I think this will again give me an outlet for writing practice, because honestly, I don’t usually have time when I’m not at work to work on my ideas.

I don’t always have something interesting to say. Sometimes, what I write can be a little inane. But if you want periodic updates to all the flotsam flittering around in my head, please bookmark this blog and peruse as you see fit. I welcome you! 🙂

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