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I just scrolled through some of my old contacts on MSN instant messenger. I realized that two of them have passed away and are still on my list. I haven’t bothered deleting them. Even after finding their names still there, I left them on my contacts. I don’t know why. I don’t want to go out of my way to erase them, I guess. One of the names is my Aunt Debbie who passed away a couple years ago of cancer, and the other was my old professor, Ken LaFountaine. He passed away of cancer as well, and was my inspiration to study history in college. Both were amazing people. And I guess I don’t mind letting them remain on my contact list, though I know we never again will speak.

My first post on this blog referenced my other blogging attempts in the past. I hadn’t thought about my livejournal blog for at least a couple years! I got inspired today to go back and see if it was still hosted, and to re-read some of what i had written.

Wow, what a trip!

It references my pregnancy, birth, childless working life, and my days as a college student at WWU!

I sound so young, immature, and optimistic. (as opposed to my jaded present self). ;o) What a fun stroll down memory lane.

Here, I’ll share:

Enjoy the trip down my memory lane. 🙂

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