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Freaked about the economy. 55,000 jobs were lost yesterday alone. Yikes! I hope Dust and my jobs are safe…he works for a pretty secure company but that is obviously no guarantee. I’m feeling okay about my job right now, but the industry is a volatile one. I want to be dreamy, continue working toward my goals, but I can’t shake the grim feeling I have about the world’s ever sinking recession. I always thought I would live through an economic depression. I just figured. I guess that’s the maudlin in me.
All I need is a shining star of hope, for all of us.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m starting to get nervous! I keep up on my tooth brushing, but am admittedly a fallible flosser. I don’t think I have any cavities, but I still have the trepidation that comes before any dental visit. I especially hate when they do that poking thing in-between the gums and teeth to measure the numbers. Ick. It doesn’t hurt, but gives me the heebie-jeebies like you wouldn’t believe!

In other news, I get to meet my cousin and some of her friends tonight at Shorty’s. Haven’t been there since the fall! ;o)

ALSO…in other exciting news, I have finally started to get off my tuckus and work on my application readiness for my teaching cert and/or master’s in teaching. First step, I sent in for my college transcripts to give to UW. They will evaluate them to tell me what (if any) classes I need to take in addition to what I already have. I am guessing I’ll need to take a natural science class w/ lab, as I think that expires after 10 years. I could do oceanography or something neat. I also probably need one child development class, too. In addition, I will still need to get all my observation hours done, and take the Praxis II exam. I already have the West-B under my belt, so that is handy.

The thing is, I could probably apply for the UW teaching cert from Bothell’s UW campus sooner, without taking any other classes. I would just need another week’s worth of classroom time. This option is cheaper. It also, however, does not give me a master’s degree. I’d have to pursue that later, but it might be easier at that point.

Well, as a good friend told me, it’s not the HOW, but the WHY. I took my first step, and I will see what UW tells me after the evaluation. I’m trusting that that will help point me in the right direction.

I am full of lust for a different career; for a career I have pictured myself in since I was a child. Is it time for this goal to fruit? I’d say we’re getting closer.

I just stumbled across the following article in the Seattle Times regarding traveling with children to exotic locales. Namely, BORNEO. Here is the link:

Borneo hosts the world’s largest population of wild orangutans, which just so happen to be my favorite animal. These red giant cousins of ours are absolutely amazing creatures. Borneo is the location of Birute Galdikas’s organgutan rehabilitation camp, Camp Leaky, which has been on my Must See Before I Die list since I took an anthropology class when I was 17.

I love the article because it shows that adventurous traveling with children is possible, specifically to “third world countries” such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Upon having had a child, I have felt that many opportunities such as this have escaped me, at least until I my kid(s) are grown. It was interesting to read how they managed with children in such a rustic location. Meadow is so easy-going, I am sure she could travel well under any circumstances. Especially if she was able to see such magnificent creatures like orangs, et al.

Well, the inspiration is still there, and heightened. However, the cost of airfare is shall we say…prohibitive. Especially times three. It is not cheap to fly into Jakarta. So maybe we will be having to wait another 16 odd years to take the plunge of this trip. Or load up a credit card.

Anyway, that’s my plan and this was a neat article. I’ll just have to relegate my orangutan experiences to the Woodland Park Zoo, for now.

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