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Went camping this weekend with Kristen, Justin & Connor. It was just me and Meadow (and our dog, Jasper), since Dustin was departing on his week long stinky boy fishing extravaganza that Sunday. This was the first time I have gone camping without Dustin since we became a “hot ticket.” It was weird! I missed him being there, more than I had anticipated. We still had so much fun, though! Meadow loves camping. The Tens (and Connor) are great to camp with. Justin took it upon himself to do the cooking, and we were all rewarded with his gastronomical treats. We made several excursions to the beach, uprooting hermit crabs and the other little small crabs. We saw a big starfish, too! The kids had fun climbing on driftwood and playing in the sand. Our weather was great! It only rained once, but we barely felt it, as our site was under many thick evergreen branches. Yay!

Cute Meadow moment #1: While playing hide and seek and kickball with Connor and Kristen, Meadow turned to me. With an enormous grin on her face, she came running up to me, arms outstreched. She grabbed my legs in a tackle hug and stated “I love you!”, glowing face looking up at me. She was having the time of her life. I could see the happiness radiating from her little body!

Cute Meadow moment #2: We were around the campfire, telling ‘scary’ stories befitting young children. We started the finish the story game, where each person would say a little of the story and the next person would take it from there, etc. We started in on chipmunks, as the story’s protagonist, if you will. When it came to be Meadow’s turn, she said in deadpan “it was dead.” That sent us all into hysterics. That was a pretty scary turn of the story, that’s for sure! ;o) Maybe you had to be there.

After KJ&C left on Sunday, I hung around while Meadow took her nap in her little pink tent (she had stayed up until 10:30 the night before!). I had packed up the site and was reading a book. Very peaceful. We finally left the campsite and drove to Bellingham. It was a beautiful day. We cruised through downtown, and I decided to take us to Boulevard Park. This is an awesome park right on Bellingham Bay. People were flying kites, sunbathing, frisbee tossing, and all manner of fun sun stuff. Meadow and I headed to the playground. She ran around and I laid in the sun with Jasper. Ahhh….so relaxing!

It got late, so we decided to find dinner. I wasn’t sure what to do with Jasper because I couldn’t just leave him in a hot car. We ended up getting sushi near campus, parked in the shade with his window rolled down. Worked great. On the way up to camping, we stopped by the Lakeview Fred Meyer, went through Cruisin Coffee, and drove past Grady Financial (my old job where my boss was psycho bitch from hell. Absolutely NO exaggeration.) I enjoyed seeing the for lease sign on the window. Meh.

Man, I sure miss Bellingham. Now I have two hams I miss – Dillingham and Bellingham. It was nice to have the excuse to poke around the town.

Anyhow, I took some pictures and will post them when I can!

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