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This morning I cruised into Wired Nick’s Espresso on Bothell Way, even though I knew it would make me late for work. I was exhausted from staying up too late, and it was double stamp day! (Can’t miss that!)

I thought their special was a coconut latte, and the gal ran out to check.

“Nope. It’s caramel,” she said.

Hm..”I’ll just get a sugar free vanilla, with nonfat milk. 3 shots, please, and only half the syrup,” I ordered.

After she made and I paid for the latte, double stamps in hand, I drove away. And then I smelled it. The daffy gal gave me a caramel latte anyway! Oh no!

But you know what, it was really good. Now I think I like caramel flavored lattes again. It’s been years.

What a fascinating, riveting story, eh? 😉

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