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Today he put a napkin over his mouth and proceeded to examine my teeth to look for cavities. He was being the dentist. Though it’s been 6 months since his las dental exam, he definitely remembered that the dentist wears a mask over his nose & mouth during an exam. Smarty pants. 🙂

Yesterday we had our 36 week prenatal appointment, even though I’m almost 37 weeks! Somehow my appointments have gotten shifted to the end of the week they are for, but I don’t think that’s too big of a deal. This week involved the Group-B strep test (fun! swabs!). I had to wait for our midwife for about 30 minutes, while I was half-dressed in the exam room. No fun! Though, once she finally got there (it was Janice), we had a great appointment. We did the va-jay-jay stuff first. The lovely swabbing, and she did my first internal exam of the pregnancy. My cervix is soft, but still high and toward the back. Comon, Braxton Hicks! Keep moving stuff along for me!!!

After that, I got dressed, and Dustin joined us for the remainder of the appointment. Everything looks healthy. I only gained 1 pound since our last appointment (more than 2 weeks ag0), so that is good. My blood pressure is 110/60 (last pregnancy, we were flirting with pregnancy induced hypertension at this point), so that is also good! The fundal height is measuring at 38 weeks, which is more than it was at last pregnancy, but less than it was at our last appointment. Janice thought this is because baby’s head is beginning to engage into the pelvis (yay!).

We started talking about our birth plan and the size of baby. I told her my greatest fears for this labor are a malpositioned fetus and large size, and of course I started bawling. I’m experiencing a LOT of anxiety over the labor now that the time is drawing near, and knowing that this baby will possibly be as big or bigger than Meadow was. Janice was nothing short of reassuring, but my anxiety remains. It doesn’t help that every day at work I am greeted by everyone I see with an, “Oh my GOSH you are SOOOO BIG!!!! Look at how HUGE you are!!!!”. It’s like, uh, thank you. That is the one thing that is freaking me out during this pregnancy. Thank you for commenting on my raw, exposed nerve. But seriously, I am a full-term preggy lady now. Of COURSE I’m going to look big! Right? Dust tried reassuring me last night that it’s all good. I’m trying to accept that.

Most importantly, I am and feel healthy. Baby appears to be doing just fine. Head down, wiggly, and obviously not a weakling (weighing 98 pounds, in need of Charles Atlas – har har). His heartbeat is still right around 130. As far as position, Janice said he’s not locked into a posterior position, and if I keep up with the posture and spinning babies techniques, he has a good likelihood of settling into an anterior position for birth. *FINGERS CROSSED*!!!!

So, while I contemplate starving myself until the birth day so little boy C doesn’t grow further, that is that for now. We have a follow-up ultrasound next Monday, and the 37th week appointment next Tusday (which technically is the start of my 38th week. Oh well).

After that appointment we picked up Meadow and drove to Beacon Hill for Meadow’s sibling prep class with Penny Simkin. As Dustin expected, it was arguably geared toward siblings that will be present at the birth, which is something we have decided isn’t necessary for Meadow. But, it surely gave her a wollop of an anatomy lesson, which I am okay with. She told me the funniest thing I have ever heard when she saw a real life newborn baby boy get his diaper changed. And she felt comfortable enough to go up to Penny after class and ask her a question about how milk comes out of the breast and how does baby eat it. She seems very interested with the whole concept of nursing. Then, we all went out for ice cream (I, with a child-sized no sugar added thin mint. Yum!).

Ah…what a day, what a day…

Celebrated Dustin’s birthday all weekend…good times! Saw Uncle Roy visiting from Alaska…good times! Saw Dustin’s grandma Mona for her 89th birthday…good times! Meadow attended a birthday party and we inserted other forms of business and fun throughout the weekend. I wish we still had another day to play about, but the weather today makes Monday a bit less harsh. I’m looking forward to some good outdoor time with Meadow when I pick her up. I need a park bench with which to soak up as much sun as possible before the rains return. Ahhh! Joy.

This is the kind of news I LIKE! I wish more stories ended like this one!

This just rules. Way to go, mama!

EDIT: So it appears that, as always, there is more to this story than meets the eye. Apparently, the older man from Ballard is a Vietnam Vet with mental problems. He argues that he just had to go to the bathroom and the kid grabbed his hand. Who knows. It sounds less sinister than it did on first blush, but who knows. Moral of the story is: keep your eyes on your kids! Yikes!

I finished our tax return last week, but still need to file it. I needed Meadow’s preschool’s tax ID number, but now I’m ready to go. I’m a little afraid that I might be missing something and that we’ll get audited again…because this is the first year we are getting any kind of decent tax return.

I just don’t know how that happened!

Most years we’ve filed, we’ve owed the IRS at least a thousand bucks. Seriously. It’s been a huge problem and the source of much anxiety on an annual basis. We can never seem to get it right. I think one year, we had a refund of about $300.  Party time, right?

So now that we can anticipate some money coming back to us, my first thought is, “I must have screwed something up.” But after I get over the self-doubt, I start planning. We could pay down credit card debt, put some money in savings…or…


I like the latter. I’m so sick of our weather in Seattle. It’s wet. And cold. And COLD. And I have been sick for over a month. And I am freezing all the time. I need blue skies. Warmth. Sand. Sun. Blue water to dangle my little toesies in.

We haven’t had a family vacation since Hawaii. Camping trips here and there, and visits to Alaska & North Dakota to visit family… but those don’t count. I want a va-ca-tion!

San Diego has popped into mind and won’t let go. Thoughts of the best zoo ever, Shamu, and long sandy beaches with people rollerblading are consuming me. Swimming pools, paddle boats, hotel rooms, and yes, even the hustle and bustle and trials of the airport are calling to me. I want to breathe in the plastic smelling recirculated air of the airplane. I want to haul my luggage around and walk out into warm sunny climate full of palm trees. I want to navigate new roads and see new sights.

Now I have to plan! Ever the cheapskate, I keep scouring Expedia etc. to find the best deal. I’m not sure if I should purchase a vacation package, or piece the flights and hotel separately for the best deal. I need to buckle down and do more research. But research like this, I like!

It will be nice to take a vacation with Dustin and Meadow before baby #2 comes. Meadow deserves a really fun time with just mom and dad before she becomes Big Sister.

And Dustin and I deserve to get sun tans.

So, I have gained 2-3 pounds by 10 weeks, which is right on target for the first trimester, I think. Even though that’s not much, I feel like a bloated whale! I guess that’s only going to get “better”, ha!

I’m taking antibiotics for my nasty cold that lasted 3+ weeks. Doc said it turned into a bronchial infection. I still don’t feel 100%, but at least I am not feeling like I am coughing out my tooth fillings at night anymore.

My baby girl turned 4 on Saturday. I can’t believe how amazing she is! She has definitely turned 4, since everything is now “why why why” more than it’s been before. Curious little thing. And sweet as can be. She’s started singing to my tummy. She will be an incredible big sister. We had a nice party for her at 321 Bounce, and she has already informed me that she wants to go there again for her next birthday. We will have to see about that. 🙂

In the middle of the night, I was woken to little hands reaching up and wrapping around me, a whispered, “i love you, mom!”, and a hug and a kiss on my hand. I half-awoke to see my sweet daughter smiling at me, then turn to scurry back to her bed.

I’m so blessed.

Why the hell is gas at the local station 2.17/gallon, when the news headlines state, “Oil Nears $40 a Barrel!”

Do you remember the price of gas the last time oil was at $40 a barrel? I recall that it was near 1.65/gallon. Or less.

What the hell?

Freaked about the economy. 55,000 jobs were lost yesterday alone. Yikes! I hope Dust and my jobs are safe…he works for a pretty secure company but that is obviously no guarantee. I’m feeling okay about my job right now, but the industry is a volatile one. I want to be dreamy, continue working toward my goals, but I can’t shake the grim feeling I have about the world’s ever sinking recession. I always thought I would live through an economic depression. I just figured. I guess that’s the maudlin in me.
All I need is a shining star of hope, for all of us.

Car at the shop. Quote is for $3300.00. Ugh. Seriously? What to do…what to do…

The three day weekend was sooo needed. Helped me decompress from the shitty week I had last week. Today my boss talked to me. She said everything I needed her to say in order to feel better about the ‘situation.’ So that’s good, at least.

Meadow and I had a fun play date yesterday and 3 of her friends came over and our neighbor’s kid played all afternoon. That was cute.

I’m dreaming of a vacation and winning the lottery. But hey, who isn’t.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Some really cool optimistic and pragmatic guy took some kind of oath in front of a bunch of people today. We got to watch it in the Big Room at work on projection screens. I thought that was pretty rad. I think this guy has some pretty neato ideas and stuff.

/end understatement mode.

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