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My friend had a baby this weekend! It sounds like it took her all weekend to have him, and I don’t know any of the details other than his name is Dylan, and he is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to meet him!

In other news, a different friend will be getting an ultrasound today to make sure baby is healthy and hopefully, if it’s a boy or girl!!! Such excitement!

Our weekend was packed and fun! We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We started Saturday morning with ballet class. It was their special Halloween class, and Meadow was allowed to wear her costume and bring a friend! We were happy that her cousin Bella was able to make the drive from Maple Valley to attend the class. They had so much fun! Meadow really loves her cousin. It was cute watching them dance around, as a cheerleader and bumble bee.

After the class we came home and just tooled around for a bit. Dust went and got some snowboarding equipment at heavily discounted prices (yay) then I went out to birthday shop at Mill Creek Town Center. Fun! I went to one of my favorite “gifty” shops, Belle Province. They always have such nice stuff in there. Lots of frou-frou items, but I can always find something really nice there.

After finding my gift, I met up with a friend and we had a nice chit-chat. I always feel lighter after talking with her; her energy is so positive!

I ran home as fast as I could to pick up Dust and Meadow to head over to my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner. It was delicious, but my portion was ridiculously small. I ordered butternut squash gnocchi. I think i got maybe 1/2 cup of food on my plate, for $17. Seriously. Quality only covers quantity by so much, ya know? I munched of my B-I-L’s pizza and Meadow’s spaghetti and was fine, though.

My parents had agreed to watch Meadow that night, so we went over to Woodinville/Bothell to drop her off. The plan originally was to go to the Haunted Trails at Bastyr, or mabye even the KUBE haunted house. We’re so lame, though. We were exhausted so we just swung by Blockbuster, got a few scary movies and a bad comedy, and headed home. We watched parts of the first two horror movies but they were too awful, then struggled through the pathetic and badly acted Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Party on.

Sunday morning came, and found Dustin ill. He had to stay at home while I picked up Meadow and took her to her friend Paige’s Halloween party. It was so cute! There were about 12 cutie pies all dressed up in Halloween, doing fun activities like bobbing for apples, bean bag toss, and pumpkin plate decorating. Joanna, Paige’s mom, always has really great parties for the kiddos.

We headed home after the party and brought Dustin some soup. We had plans to go to the South 47 farm to get our pumpkins/do the corn maze with my folks. Unfortunately, we had originally planned to go last Saturday, but rescheduled for this weekend because my Dad was sick. Now, Dustin was sick and he couldn’t go! It would have been better for him to go with Me and Meadow, but we already rescheduled and Halloween is on Friday, so we went anyway. Dustin tried to rally, but just couldn’t make it. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. Meadow was tired for the corn maze and it took a lot of prodding and pretending to be horses to get her through it. All their pumpkins were woefully picked over, too. They were either green or had rotting gaping holes. Ew.

We managed to find one that was passable, deciding to get the other 2 pumpkins we want from Safeway. Maybe Dustin can help select them, after all!

We finished the outing with a visit to Theno’s Dairy nee Vivian’s Pride Ice Cream. Meadow chose the nastiest blue concoction that tasted like Fruit Loops on steroids. Yuk! I had awesome blackberry ice cream (yum-o) and my folks both had pumpkin. My lovely mom bought us a half-gallon of pumpkin to take home so Dustin could have some, too.

Despite Dustin being sick and my trying to ward off the ickies (I had a low grade fever all day…still do), we had a pretty good weekend! I feel like one more day would just about do it, though. :o)

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