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Had a midwive appointment this morning. Looks like everything is going groovy. My blood pressure is 106/70 – nice and normal! Also, weight gain is normal, blood tests (sugar, iron) were all normal. Belly measuring at 28 weeks. So that is smaller than I am, chronologically, the the midwife thought it is because he is in a ball-shape right now. Speaking of which, that is our only potential problem. His head is right in the middle of my belly, not head down. He still has over a month to turn, but it’s something I’m definintely going to be conscience about, and try to do breech baby exercises and all that. The good thing is, he still has plenty of room to wiggle, and will very likely settle into a favorable vertix anterior position. (hey – positive thinking!).

His heart rate via doppler was about 125. The midwife checked Meadow’s which was 115. I thought it was interesting that they were so close in heart rate. Meadow thought it was pretty cool.

So, yay! Healthy, feeling good, baby is behaving. I think we may have even picked out a name…. or at least a forerunner. 🙂

I’m looking up different prenatal yoga classes online, and also found a childbirth education class tailored for VBAC births. These sites are triggering an emotional response and I keep tearing up! The memories of Meadow’s labor and birth are still so poignant and intense. I’m excited to try it again, and terrified as well. I wonder how things will go this time. Will I manage the pain as magnificently? For how long? Will it be easier or more difficult? Are we going to be okay without a doula?

Vacillating between anxiety, excitement, and hope, I just need to remember that it’s all good – and to breathe.

Wow, it’s already June, and I am 21 weeks pregnant! More than halfway there. Woo hoo! By all accounts, this pregnancy is healthy and normal. Baby looks healthy and normal, and measuring just about right. I can feel his little feet kicking me periodically. There is no feeling better than feeling your baby wiggle and groove inside of you. It’s so surreal. My belly is really starting to stick out now, and is making my belly button look a little funny already! My weight gain remains normal at around 10 pounds. So far, so good on that side of things! I think it helps that with this pregnancy I am not attracted to sweets the way I was with Meadow. I’m definitely hankering more for spicy and savory flavors. Buffalo hot sauce! Indian cuisine! Num num! 🙂

Took some fun family trips recently. Spent 3 days at Great Wolf Lodge in May. Meadow had a blast and Dustin and I had a good time too. We can’t wait to go back. We also just got back from our first camping trip of the year this weekend. We went to Lake Wenatchee and just had an overnight. It was nice to get out into the fresh air. I’m not sure how much camping I’ll continue doing as my belly keeps expanding, but so far the air mattress satisfies my comfort needs.

Meadow is enrolled in swimming lessons which she just loves, and her year of ballet classes is coming to an end soon.
She will have her recital at the end of this month and it will be so much fun to see her on stage! They will have adorable tutu costumes, and will be on a “real” stage (at Bothell High). We saw two ballets there this winter, so I think Meadow will get an extra kick out of the fact that she will be performing on that stage now and not just watching!

We’re still trying to get the baby room ready and have had lots of help from my mother-in-law with painting. It’s going to look super cute and I can’t wait to start officially nesting in it!

I’m loving this weather…and looking forward to a busy and fun summer. As Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes says: “The days are just packed!”

“fitter, happier, more productive…”

Decided to change the look of my bloggy blog to something a little more clean. Probably part of my recent drive to nest, clear up, clean out and organize everything. It’s slow going, but I love the progress I make.

This weekend I sold a ton of books out of my overflowing book case, and used the proceeds toward mother’s day gifts. Kaching! I also brought a huge stack of old magazines to work. They are already being devoured by coworkers tired of the gossip mags that are still talking about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy (circa Spring 2008).

Now I need to go through all my old journals. That should be interesting. I wonder how embarrassed I will become to myself, reading all the old school teenage angst written poetry et cetera I used to scratch on journal after journal. Oh man. I’m already rolling my eyes at myself.

I have a kazillion cd jewel cases that are empty. Guess what? I can’t put them in our recycle can. Isn’t that silly? Seems that they either need to go in the land fill or I have to go through some company called At least they are local. I seriously have about 200 cases to get rid of. My conscience won’t let me just toss them, unfortunately. What a hassle.

If I work hard enough on clearing out my office of art projects, crafts, books, music, and bill stuff, we might be able to begin to paint it up for baby#2. That will be worth it. 🙂

Planning to work out tonight, even though I don’t think I’ll feel like it. I’m feeling sleepy and most of all: Hungry!

Excited – I’m in week 7. 🙂

Haven’t announced anything on the blog here yet…but Dustin, Meadow and I are expecting Hunnie #2! Expected date of arrival: Sometime mid-October 2009.

We’re thrilled. And I’m hungry. 🙂

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