Yesterday we had our 36 week prenatal appointment, even though I’m almost 37 weeks! Somehow my appointments have gotten shifted to the end of the week they are for, but I don’t think that’s too big of a deal. This week involved the Group-B strep test (fun! swabs!). I had to wait for our midwife for about 30 minutes, while I was half-dressed in the exam room. No fun! Though, once she finally got there (it was Janice), we had a great appointment. We did the va-jay-jay stuff first. The lovely swabbing, and she did my first internal exam of the pregnancy. My cervix is soft, but still high and toward the back. Comon, Braxton Hicks! Keep moving stuff along for me!!!

After that, I got dressed, and Dustin joined us for the remainder of the appointment. Everything looks healthy. I only gained 1 pound since our last appointment (more than 2 weeks ag0), so that is good. My blood pressure is 110/60 (last pregnancy, we were flirting with pregnancy induced hypertension at this point), so that is also good! The fundal height is measuring at 38 weeks, which is more than it was at last pregnancy, but less than it was at our last appointment. Janice thought this is because baby’s head is beginning to engage into the pelvis (yay!).

We started talking about our birth plan and the size of baby. I told her my greatest fears for this labor are a malpositioned fetus and large size, and of course I started bawling. I’m experiencing a LOT of anxiety over the labor now that the time is drawing near, and knowing that this baby will possibly be as big or bigger than Meadow was. Janice was nothing short of reassuring, but my anxiety remains. It doesn’t help that every day at work I am greeted by everyone I see with an, “Oh my GOSH you are SOOOO BIG!!!! Look at how HUGE you are!!!!”. It’s like, uh, thank you. That is the one thing that is freaking me out during this pregnancy. Thank you for commenting on my raw, exposed nerve. But seriously, I am a full-term preggy lady now. Of COURSE I’m going to look big! Right? Dust tried reassuring me last night that it’s all good. I’m trying to accept that.

Most importantly, I am and feel healthy. Baby appears to be doing just fine. Head down, wiggly, and obviously not a weakling (weighing 98 pounds, in need of Charles Atlas – har har). His heartbeat is still right around 130. As far as position, Janice said he’s not locked into a posterior position, and if I keep up with the posture and spinning babies techniques, he has a good likelihood of settling into an anterior position for birth. *FINGERS CROSSED*!!!!

So, while I contemplate starving myself until the birth day so little boy C doesn’t grow further, that is that for now. We have a follow-up ultrasound next Monday, and the 37th week appointment next Tusday (which technically is the start of my 38th week. Oh well).

After that appointment we picked up Meadow and drove to Beacon Hill for Meadow’s sibling prep class with Penny Simkin. As Dustin expected, it was arguably geared toward siblings that will be present at the birth, which is something we have decided isn’t necessary for Meadow. But, it surely gave her a wollop of an anatomy lesson, which I am okay with. She told me the funniest thing I have ever heard when she saw a real life newborn baby boy get his diaper changed. And she felt comfortable enough to go up to Penny after class and ask her a question about how milk comes out of the breast and how does baby eat it. She seems very interested with the whole concept of nursing. Then, we all went out for ice cream (I, with a child-sized no sugar added thin mint. Yum!).

Ah…what a day, what a day…