Had a midwive appointment this morning. Looks like everything is going groovy. My blood pressure is 106/70 – nice and normal! Also, weight gain is normal, blood tests (sugar, iron) were all normal. Belly measuring at 28 weeks. So that is smaller than I am, chronologically, the the midwife thought it is because he is in a ball-shape right now. Speaking of which, that is our only potential problem. His head is right in the middle of my belly, not head down. He still has over a month to turn, but it’s something I’m definintely going to be conscience about, and try to do breech baby exercises and all that. The good thing is, he still has plenty of room to wiggle, and will very likely settle into a favorable vertix anterior position. (hey – positive thinking!).

His heart rate via doppler was about 125. The midwife checked Meadow’s which was 115. I thought it was interesting that they were so close in heart rate. Meadow thought it was pretty cool.

So, yay! Healthy, feeling good, baby is behaving. I think we may have even picked out a name…. or at least a forerunner. šŸ™‚