“fitter, happier, more productive…”

Decided to change the look of my bloggy blog to something a little more clean. Probably part of my recent drive to nest, clear up, clean out and organize everything. It’s slow going, but I love the progress I make.

This weekend I sold a ton of books out of my overflowing book case, and used the proceeds toward mother’s day gifts. Kaching! I also brought a huge stack of old magazines to work. They are already being devoured by coworkers tired of the gossip mags that are still talking about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy (circa Spring 2008).

Now I need to go through all my old journals. That should be interesting. I wonder how embarrassed I will become to myself, reading all the old school teenage angst written poetry et cetera I used to scratch on journal after journal. Oh man. I’m already rolling my eyes at myself.

I have a kazillion cd jewel cases that are empty. Guess what? I can’t put them in our recycle can. Isn’t that silly? Seems that they either need to go in the land fill or I have to go through some company called greendisk.com. At least they are local. I seriously have about 200 cases to get rid of. My conscience won’t let me just toss them, unfortunately. What a hassle.

If I work hard enough on clearing out my office of art projects, crafts, books, music, and bill stuff, we might be able to begin to paint it up for baby#2. That will be worth it. 🙂